When our customers are happy, so are we farmers!

Nestled in the lush tea highlands of Kenya – considered the gateway to East Africa, is Alovado, a 3rd generation family farm specializing in bulk supply of specialty and premium green coffee beans, avocado fruits and oil and black tea.

Our Story

After decades in the tea industry, coupled by growing enquiries from customers, we realized it was nearly impossible to separate the two most popular beverages in the world – tea and coffee.

Afterall, why choose one, when you can have a taste of both worlds?

This marked the beginning of our product diversification journey.

Our Word

With you in mind, Alovado focuses on simplifying the lengthy, costly and perceived complicated process of purchasing these products direct from Kenya.

Your belief and trust gives us pride in farming, producing and trading in the best grades our crops and those of our select partner farms produce.

Our Ethos

In line with our values, we continuously work to transform the well-being of the communities living among us – predominantly women, while at the same time nurturing the ecosystem.

So, whatever your specific demands may be, Alovado is committed to help meet them and create an experience for you!

What our clients say

Always a Pleasure to work with!

Just a short note to say a big thank you to Alovado team.

Piotr – Warsaw

Friendly and informative

Very thorough and patient when answering our numerous questions. We very much appreciate!

Kasia – Coffee trader, Łódź

Personalized and professional service

We are a mid-sized specialty coffee roastery in Kraków. We stumbled upon Alovado in their social media platforms and we were persuaded to try them. After our first contact with them, we were more than convinced that they were the right partners for our Kenyan coffee requirements. Till date, they still are and so is their green coffee beans.

Darek – Coffee liquorer, Kraków

They go the extra mile to get it done!

What was most impressive to me is their level of professionalism. They are honest and do not over-promise as others would. They focused on me and accommodated my unique needs. You are the best!

Dr. Jakub – Łódź