« Farmers, Producers and Bulk Exporters of Kenyan specialty and premium green coffee beans, avocado fruits and avocado oil.
Welcome to Alovado where we not only deliver quality products to you, but a lifetime experience. »

Why Alovado?

  • Saves Costs and Time
    Saves Costs and Time
    Being farmers ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to reduce intermediary costs and free your time from 'Do It Yourself – DIY’
  • Quality Traceability
    Quality Traceability
    We believe quality is not pricey; it is priceless! When the raw material is right from source, the final product complements your marketing efforts.
  • Integrity and Dependability
    Integrity and Dependability
    Owing to our many years in this realm, we have hands-on experience, local knowledge and global expertise to partner with you.
  • Ethical production and sourcing
    Ethical production and sourcing
    Empowering, creating respect and improving quality of life is what drives us. Every kilogram purchased, uplifts a dozen livelihoods.

« Whether you are in the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries or you simply want an Avo-tour, our avocado orchards have you well covered. »

690+ Happy Customers

At Alovado , we never underestimate the importance of origination. The beginning is the epitome of everything else that follows.