« We are persuaded that the most valuable resource at Alovado, is not the soil or the weather, it is the farmers themselves. They enable us to develop, diversify and 'shake hands' with customers around the world. »

Charlene Waweru

Specialization: Chief Marketing Officer

Charlene brings over 15 years of experience in Business development and consulting to her role as Chief Marketing Officer. Having spent many years in the banking industry, she currently holds an advisory and oversight role in a mid-sized financial institution in Kenya.

At Alovado, she supports in developing and executing the company’s vision, strategy and takes up business development & demand management roles.

She is also engaged in two other agribusinesses, both of which remain active to date.

Because of her love for foreign markets, Charlene is multilingual. Besides her native English and Swahili languages, she is proficient in PONGLish (a mix of Polish and English)

She holds a Master in Project Management and Bachelors in Business Management

Józek Piekarski

Specialization: Chief Customer and Impact Officer

Being an ardent coffee lover and critique, Józek effortlessly picks out, good coffee aroma. Addicted to Kenyan coffee, he knows too well that Life is too short for bad coffee and ensures you are satisfied with great coffee.

At Alovado, he doubles up as Chief Customer and Impact Officer. As the Chief Customer Officer and in collaboration with the Marketing team, Józek is responsible for driving customer success through retention and loyalty. As Head of Impact, he leads our efforts in measuring the positive influence of our products while aligning with our purpose and values.

Prior to joining Alovado, Józek spent over 2 decades in the education sector in Poland where his great contribution did not go unnoticed by the President of the Republic of Poland, who awarded him a much coveted medal in the year 2016.

He holds a Masters and several certifications from Poland. He is fluent in Polish, speaks English and will not miss to welcome you to Alovado in Swahili; Karibu Alovado!